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lightbulbDo you know the meaning of the word abecedarian? I just got interested to post it here because a friend of mine ask me the meaning of this word earlier when she was reading a book. Aside from that, this word sounds like my close friend's family name. I kinda understand the word but to be safe and exact, I looked it up in my VocabVitamins. It is pronounced as [a'-bee-see-DAR-ee-ahn] 1. (n) someone who teaches or studies the alphabet 2. (n) a novice learning the rudiments of some subject. 3. (adjective) relating to the alphabet 4. (adjective) alphabetically arranged (as for beginning readers) 5. (adjective) elementary. That's easy to remember. Just think of first few letters of the english alphabet A-B-C-D...


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