Typing Speed

by - 6:22 AM

Norm tagged me with this speed typing test. I was curious about my typing speed too. So I took this speed typing test and here's my result.

67 words

The test can be a good practice test anyone can do anytime to attain better speed in typing. I'm tagging Edith, Just, Angel, Madel, and Tipsy


  1. hello precious! galing mo naman, 67 words per minute... wow!

  2. sos yan ako 34 ra gyod hehhehe oo grabe kaau kalihok ayha rana sya magpuyo if matulog ug matan aw tv lol.One time my mother in law asked me if dj is like that even in the house lol mamoot nalang sila magtan aw lagi hehhehe ug tabian kaau pud lol makalingaw lagi yan.


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