sweet vacation

by - 3:53 PM

It has been very busy lately at work and at home. Yes! even at home, I bring work along with me, keeping me still occupied and essentially still in the work mindset. Especially now that we are currently having the privacy fence project at the house and we're not even half done with it. I got the stress I'm trying to escape. I feel that I and my husband really need a sweet vacation for myself to relax and recover from work burn out. I am sure a good vacation will help us rest and enjoy good times, have fun, away from all the busy schedules and fast pace work. I know after a good vacation, we can gather all our creativity and productivity again and return to our lives refreshed and more competent in our fields. Just like batteries, our body needs rest to recharge and give its best performance. I and my husband has been talking about taking a good vacation soon when this fence project is over. We've been working so hard and we deserved to have a great vacation. We've talked about great places that we'll probably visit and checked some flights to New Zealand, we've never been there yet. We know we can get cheap flights from Dialaflight.com and they can help us create the perfect all-inclusive trip to any worldwide destination. We already browse their website and learned that they offer great savings for the dream holiday we've been longing for. It's still a plan but I am already excited for it. Who would not be? It's vacation.


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