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Do you play baseball? I know many people love baseball. I do too. I think it's a fun game. I used to play baseball when I was younger. In my wildest dreams, I was wishing to own a baseball team. I am not sure if this dream would be possible in real life but at least online, I could make it real. Yes! I could make it real in fantasy baseball management simulation webgame. gives anyone their chance to own a baseball team. SimYard is a new fantasy baseball management game. Unlike most fantasy baseball games, the players on your team do not represent real players in the major leagues. All of your players are fictitious, and they are yours to play, dismiss, and train, as you see fit. This is so awesome, Isn't it? Also, know that each month brings a new season and a new chance to take the pennant. It brings a new opportunity for you to train your players how you want to train them and you choose your opponents, your pitcher and your lineup and just like any games, you play to win. If you interested in this awesome game, you can register for free at their website. You just have to have a valid e-mail address to sign up. Then you can create a user name and choose a password, create a team, and start playing in minutes! Once you signed in, created a team. It is so cool because when you create a team, you will need to punch in the team location and the nickname of your team, then you select 3 colors and 3 letter ticker for your logo, just like a real baseball team, you have your own logo. You can also have your own stadium. Like a real baseball owners, you should review your lineups and pitching setup and then head to the public fields and find an opponent.

I signed up already. Maybe we can play sometime soon. Just let me know or find me there. My user name is precious185. I enjoyed the chatroom and oh! I love the design and the color of the site. I enjoyed watching the live game with other teams playing too and was monitoring the score board. It's really I cool site, you will love it.


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