place your art for sale

by - 6:55 AM

Are you a student artist? Place your art for sale at an online art gallery.
There's, a social networking / eCommerce site that enables student artists to place their arts. You as an artists can post a list of their exhibitions, personal statement and of course, original artwork for people to see their works. You don't have to worry of all the shipping because Ugallery takes care of them. It makes the process easy for you to sell your art.

If you're not an artist and just interested in checking out cool and less expensive art works, check their gallery for beautiful arts for sale. This a nice networking because buyers and artists can interact by leaving comments on the Ulog section of the site. Aside from that, there is also a cool feature on the site that allows you, buyer to see what a piece of art will look like on your wall before you hang it. This will give you a better way to picture out the art in your own home or office, whereever you may want the piece of art displayed.


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