How To Capture a Screen Shot

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Do you know how to capture a screen shot? Taking a screen shot is helpful especially to people doing website reviews and for people interested of adding a screen shot for a better presentation. In case you are wondering what a screen shot is, here's a sample I created below.

Some of my blogger friends were asking me how to capture a screen shot of a computer's screen so I thought I'll post it here. There are various programs that would capture a picture of your screen but the one I use the most is the Print Screen button of my computer keyboard and the Paint Program. I then just crop the picture using Microsoft photo program. So, here's the steps:

How To Capture A Screen Shot.

Step 1. Make sure that the active window is the page you're wanting to take a picture of.

Step 2. Click on the Print Screen key. This will supposedly copy the active window in your desktop onto the clipboard. After clicking the Print Screen key, you are then ready to paste it into any graphics program. (In some computers, you need to click the print screen and Alt key at the same time.) The screen print button is usually on the top row of your computer's keyboard. The key is usually marked PrtSc or PrtScn.

3. In your computer's Paint Program, follow the instructions on the picture.

If you don't know how to find your paint program, simply Click Start at the bottom left side of your computer screen, Click All Programs, Click Accessories and look for Paint.

Step 4. After saving your file, you can edit the picture, crop out unnecessary portions of the screen shot or resize, whatever you want to do with it, using an image editor. I use Microsoft Digital Image program to crop images.

Step 5. Your screen shot is ready to use.


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