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America's Election 2008 is near coming and every party is busy campaigning to win. The the race. It is getting hotter! What do you think about the upcoming US Presidential election? Which candidate do you think is the best to lead the USA for the next four years? It's never too early to talk about the 2008 US Presidential election. Suffice it to say, the position that these candidates are racing for to win is a very important one. Did you know that you can make your voice heard on elections 2008? That's right! At ElectionQlips, you can talk about Elections 2008 using Qlip Media’s QlipBoard technology. How? It's easy. Visit their website at electionqlips.com and if you have any campaign stories or talk you heard which you want to share, just pick any Qlippit in any blog post, and click the “Talk About It!” button and leave your comments as video, audio or just point & draw, then share your thoughts with fellow citizens. That easy! Don't worry, if you get lost on the process, they have a video that shows or guides on how to comment on any qlippit online. Below is their press release. Read on.

Press Release:

QlipMedia (http://www.qlipmedia.com) has just launched the public beta version of ElectionQlips (http://www.electionqlips.com), a new destination to discuss all that is Election 2008. Readers can share their comments with the community and leave comments on Presidential Election themed video posts using their recorded voice, free-hand drawing, and images to let everyone know what they think and how they feel about every point in the posted debates, ads, punditry and stump speeches.

As the nation’s attention increasingly focuses on the outcomes of the ongoing primary elections and the general election to follow this November, viewers of ElectionQlips can stayed tuned to all the exciting action, including voice and video comments of their fellow citizens. And anyone can bring their wit and wisdom to bear on the debate of the moment, commenting to their heart’s content with their own voice and images.

The blogosphere has always been about giving a voice to common ‘netizens’, while democratizing the dissemination of the news and opinion. But heretofore that voice has been confined to the two dimensional world of the written word. The broad appeal of video has added a third dimension, a layer of contextual relevancy just not possible with the written word alone. Blog commenting has been similarly constrained by the same technical barriers. ElectionQlips brings multimedia blogging full circle, giving blog commenters the ability to post live, multimedia comments right on the videos they’re viewing in their own voice, using their own doodles and images.

• 100+ million blogs in existence
• 1.5 million blog posts per day
• 1 blog with multimedia commenting capability

ElectionQlips users can take their election debate with them by sharing the link and embedding the player anywhere. On the video timeline, it’s easy to bring out all the facts with every detail of the debate through point-by-point analysis. The density of comments at every point let’s one see what’s hot and what’s not in every debate.

The goal of ElectionQlips is to make it possible for everyone to participate in any debate, discussion and controversy using their own voice. Commenting on blog posts is a common enough, ElectionQlips gives an edge over other contemporary election blogs, especially with respect to sharing your comments and opinions.

About QlipMedia:
QlipMedia makes QlipBoard, a tool that combines videos and images with drawing, highlighting and adds your voice is the easiest way to talk about anything and turn any video into an instant discussion room. ElectionQlips is produced by QlipMedia, Inc. and designed by OuterJoin. For more information, visit www.qlipmedia.com. This post is brought to you by Qlipmedia.com


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