I am your brother...

by - 9:53 AM

I was surprised upon learning that, that guy singing "Were Brothers Forever" during the American Idol Audition is Filipino. I wasn't paying attention to the contestants name, I must be doing other important stuff that time. When I saw him, he does look like Filipino but I thought he's Chinese. If I have heard his name, I would have guess right away. I was searching Youtube videos earlier trying to find a video of that Filipina that passed the audition. I was not able to watch the show that night, I fell asleep early. In case your wondering what I am talking about, here are the videos of 2 Filipinos from this season of American Idol audition.

American Idol - Renaldo Lapuz (Filipino)

Funny Guy!

Filipina Ramiele Malubay - American Idol [HD QUALITY]

She's cute. Isn't she? I love how she pronounced her family name. Pinoy na Pinoy! I wish to see her win and by the way, I'd love to see more of her dad too. Mabuhayy!


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