We're All Stars

by - 8:11 AM

Are you bored? Do you want to gain more friends? share your life experiences with others from around the world? YawpBox is for you. It's actually a fun place for everyone. Yes! everyone like you and me. It's a place to share your life experiences with everyone else in the world. You can keep those experiences cataloged on your own personal profile. You can find other people who have had similar experiences, and show all of your fellow Yawpers (members) the things you have done. Other Yawpers can vote on how cool, outrageous, funny, or ridiculous your experiences are. It's a fun site. To top it off, YawpBox TV will take this content and film a television show in March 2008. We'll all be a star! If your experiences make the cut, you will be on TV! Isn't it cool?

Visit the site and check the cool videos uploaded by members. We all know that the Internet has become an important source of information and entertainment because of the user-generated videos and informations uploaded by ordinary people. I knew some entertainers, singers that were discovered through user-generated videos. I remember, Charice Pempengco got the world's attention when a user generated a video of herself performing in Korea. It is my favorite video. Thanks to the uploader! I would have never know Charice. Did you know about YawpBoxTV? It is a 30 minute weekly "magazine style" show, filmed before a live studio audience in Dallas, Texas. YawpBoxTV will be the first television show where the content is completely generated by the users of a social networking site. Awesome isn't it? On the show Lex and Terry contemplate popular user uploaded videos from YawpBox.com, introducing the estabilished user community to the people behind the profiles. While uniting fans world-wide YawpBoxTV entertains with raw and witty commentary, offering fresh content and honest laughs. The site allows the average person to create footage for large audiences. I enjoyed the Lex & Terry challenge. Yes they posted some fun challenges in the site and you can upload or generate content. This is the homework assignment that is given out on the nation wide radio show and TV show directing audience to create specific user generated content. I already joined! It's fun and it's free! Join me! create a FREE Account and start Yawping today!


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