weight loss surgery

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Do you want to lose weight? A lot of people want to lose weight to look and feel good. Other people want to lose weight to stay fit and healthy. Being overweight increases the risks and complications of many serious health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, to name a few. Many experts believe that obesity is the most serious health threat facing the public today and some people with severe obesity are opting for weight loss surgery like the Lap Band procedure. The Lap-Band is a silicone band that is placed around the stomach, creating a small upper stomach pouch that prevents a patient from eating excessively. It is necessary to gather all important information and facts before opting to any weight loss surgery so you can make the best health decisions that are right for you. Learn more about the Lap-Band procedure at lap-band Woodlands and you can meet Dr. Richard Collier if you attend one of their FREE weekly Seminars. Seating is limited. Dr.Collier has been performing laparoscopic surgery for over seventeen years and has done thousands of procedures including laparoscopic gall- bladder removal and hernia repair, and laparoscopic colon surgery. In addition, he also performs advanced laparo-scopic procedures such as the laparo-scopic Nissen fundoplication for reflux disease.


  1. Thanks for sharing a nice informative blog on "The Lap-Band".... Never knew so much about it.

  2. Some say Lap Band is unsafe..But they're wrong.Proper knowledge about this surgery will lead you into positive result. Lap-Band


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