Recreated Heart

by - 3:53 PM

art.heart.uminn.ap.jpg It is in the news that scientists recreate heart in laboratory as shown in the picture. Oh my G! Look what science can do. The American scientists have successfully created a pumping rat heart from the collagen structure of a dead heart and heart cells from baby rats. My ! if this new research in rats pans out in humans, maybe a replacement of heart for some sick people . According to the news, the researchers dissolved the original heart tissue with a soap solution using a process called decellularization. How it was done? Doris Taylor (director of the Center for Cardiovascular Repair, Medtronic Bakken professor of medicine and physiology and lead author of the study) and her team hung up the heart from a dead rat and introduced a regular soap solution into the top of the organ, and then just let it flow down. When only the gelatinous-looking white collagen structure was left, they then injected the heart with new heart cells. After just four days, the muscle tissue began to contract. Wow! I wish I would have a chance to see a research like this in my own eyes. It would be so interesting to see. Because of this result, doctors are hopeful that this technique will help them develop working human organs to help patients that desperately need transplants to survive. They've already started experimenting with pig hearts. Pig hearts size are closer in size to human hearts. I also learned from the news that they've started experimenting with pig hearts because pig hearts are already used for replacement parts for some human heart patients. Really? I didn't know this before. Wow! I wonder how people with a pig heart's doing. I wish them well. You know that they're are a lot of people out there that have human heart but acts much worst than wild animals.


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