Pragma Systems

by - 10:31 AM

We all want a secure connectivity. Companies and any corporations, big or small needs a secure and reliable access, control, and management capabilities across its network and computing infrastructure. Thanks that there is Pragma Systems to answer this secure and reliable connectivity needs. They have the technical knowledge, domain expertise, and industry experience to lead the market in the effectiveness and extensibility of its software solutions. Pragma Systems is a great Telnet and SSH Solutions Provider. SFTP Pragma Systems is a privately held corporation with headquarters located in Austin, Texas. Their software (Pragma's software) is deployed in the majority of Fortune 500 companies in the USA and over 2100 companies worldwide in over 62 countries. Many trust them because they help minimize the corporate's on-going operating costs of security. We all know that repetitive and time-consuming maintenance operations caused headaches and consume the corporate time and resources. Now it can be rapidly implemented in an automated manner from a central location. A very big help for busy corporations. Their clients include banks and financial institutions, U.S. and international universities, telecommunications companies, internet service providers, foreign government agencies, computer hardware manufacturers, real estate, software companies, aerospace, hotels, supermarkets, retailers and many others. Their products have won top awards in the industry like PC Week Analyst's Choice and NSTL's best in class rating. They has also been recognized by Microsoft as a top 75 fastest growing Windows Independent Software Vendor. So, if you're looking for a great and secure connectivity solution, get their product.


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