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A friend of mine ask me what's my wallpaper. So here's my wallpapers. I just changed my wallpaper recently and told Tom not to mess with my laptop and not to sneak either because I'll know. Someone's always watching. Hehehe!

laptop wallpaper

desktop wallpaper

If you'd notice, the desktop don't have much icons yet. Tom had to clear everything out and install stuffs again since that modem broke and we lost a lot of files and pictures in the cleaning process. I took the blame because Tom wanted to buy an external hard drive, long time ago, but I always said no. Arg! I always learn things the hard way. So now, we bought an external hard drive..but too late! Aside from that, we have to input some list of personal finances in Quicken program again. Ahhhhhh! Early new year chaos...but I don't want to be upset. Hehehe!

As I have said in my previous post, we're still waiting for the new modem to come in the mail. I am really...really hoping it will come so soon because our dial up connection is so aggreviating sometimes. Set up for this pc is not yet done. You remember that disk of Casino game that we bought before? It is now working in desktop, so I guess a certain program must have really messed up the entire computer.


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