Man Awake and Talking, After 47-Floor Fall

by - 1:37 PM

I was amazed by the news about a man who fell from 47 floors from the roof of a Manhattan (New York) skyscraper and survived. Even doctors say they have never seen anything like that. The man is Alcides Moreno, 37 years old, a window washer. Last December 7, a scaffolding collapse. He plummeted almost 500 feet and now, his awake, talking to his family and expected to walk again. Him and his brother, Edgar Moreno, 30 years old, were working during that time of accident, but his brother did not make it, died instantly. His brother was buried in Ecuador, where they are from. Doctors said that Alcides Moreno's recovery has been astonishing. Wow! How could anyone survive a fall like this? forty-seven floors. Amazing! A lot of people are thinking this is a miracle.


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