lets salsa

by - 9:32 AM

I love ballroom dancing. I always love dancing. I think I would rather dance than sing even if I’m not sure I'm very good at it. I think I'm not bad at it though. I and my friends used to go out and go ballroom dancing, couple years ago. I especially love dancing Salsa, even now. I used to dance salsa with my boyfriend and I miss that awesome feeling after dancing. Salsa dancing make a connection, this dance can turn passionate and sensual in a sexy way. I think me having Spanish blood, makes me love that Salsa beat and that great steps that boost confidence and gives back sparks to lonely relationships. How about you? Don't you love dancing Salsa? Don't you love to walk over the dance floor and sweep your someone special off his/her feet with amazing salsa dance moves that will leave her/him speechless for the rest of the night? I do. It makes me feel good and more confident. The driving beat of the music makes me want to move.

If you don't how to dance Salsa or you're still a beginner, check out Salsa-dancing-addict.com beginner's guide to salsa and learn the basic salsa steps for guys and gals. You can watch a basic video demo of the basic moves too making it easier to learn. You can also check the Salsa Performance Groups section where you can watch cool videos of groups that put together great performances that is choreographed by the best dancers in the area. Notice the fun and excitement of all dancers as they do the Salsa moves and patterns.


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