I wonder

by - 7:30 AM

I was watching Country Music Channel last night and I didn't know it was a re run. I saw Kellie Pickler singing in that country music award and I didn't quite understand the lyrics of the song she was singing. I wonder why she cried. So, I searched online and found this video at youtube.

I always love Kellie Pickler since American Idol. I loved her other songs especially the "Red High Heels". I just learned about this song that she co-wrote entitled "I wonder". I learned that this song is for her mother and lastnight after watching several videos of her interviews, I kinda understand Kelli and I appreciate my parents more. I wish her and her mother are in good terms now, if not, I'm wishing both parties peace of mind.

I love this song. I watch this over and over and so are the other videos of Kellie Pickler singing this song. It makes me cry. I hope you'll like this too.


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