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I have purchased a domain name http://www.happyvi.com and I am currently using it in my other blog here in Blogger, I just have it hosted by blogger using the DNS. I'm not yet done in setting it up but it was my filipino blog before I changed the address. I originally thought of just editing all previous post but I change my mind, so now, it's just there, waiting for improvement. The reason that I don't want this Journey blog http://ripples-of-joy.blogspot.com to use that domain is because, I have done submitting this address to some search engines and blog directories. Though its page rank is 0 (it used to be 3), after google decided to lower the ranks of all those that accepts sponsorship, I still don't want all the time and efforts I have spent for the linking and ranking be put to waste. So, I thought of just starting a new one. Soon. At this moment, I am still reading and researching in my free time about blog hosting. I purchased online a $15 video tutorial about having a wordpress blog and have it hosted in a third party yesterday and after watching it, I think I can do the wordpress installation and all. Just undecided which blog hosting to get. Anyway, I'll let you all know when I'm done . Then I'll start my link exchange for that domain.


  1. Congrats on your new domain name.

    I think that you made the right choice. It's better you start up a new blog altogether.

    BTW, thanks for droppig by my blog.


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