by - 8:38 AM

I went to my favorite hobby lobby store
wander around like a littke kid..hehe!
bought some decorations for the house

see that pretty wedding dress?
I wasn't looking at that when I took this picture.
I don't know what happened,
I accidentally click the shutter.

they are not real. some plastic decors for the kitchen

they all look real..and the breads...ahhh
they made me hungry.
I was thinking to have a bite

I was looking to buy some greeneries for the house.

I bought some of these in small pots.
Good that Tom likes what I picked.

and bought some more plastic flowers
that I didn't know where to put in the house.
It's all flowers now, that was the reason why
I wanted to buy more greeneries.

Oh well..I can't help it. I love flowers.
Plastic or not.


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