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Ever heard of MaraStar Communications? It's a great site especially for companies, business and anything related to fun communications and hr training. They have created hundreds of fun and engaging Animated Cartoon Videos, called ToonUps, which use humor to help make your training and communications more effective and memorable! MaraStar's animations can be used across a wide range of applications and technologies by a variety of different users. They produces and distributes animated software products designed to train, motivate and communicate with employees. These short, animated cartoons provide employers with a means of communicating in a fun and effective way that ensures the message is not only heard, but retained. You can add excitement to your PowerPoint presentations because MaraStar animations can easily be added to PowerPoint using their free SWF Embedder Tool. It's easy to use because animations play automatically, and can be paused or restarted at any time during your presentation. This will make your presentation flow easy because you control the animation. Their creations can be used to introduce a topic, illustrate a scenario, emphasize your message, or just to break the ice! We all know that a fun and humorous scenarios make learning or training fun and alive. It improves retention too. I remember how boring speakers and boring presentations makes me sleepy and lost interest. That is usually the big challenge to every speaker and presenter, how to catch the interest of their audience and keep that interest until the end of the presentation.When I am joining some seminars and conferences, I always admire good speakers and great presenters. What makes it more interesting is that, if you are in a business or corporation, employees can watch employees can watch MaraStar's animations from their desktop computer because corporate licensing and electronic format allow for multiple users to access programs immediately so employees can watch MaraStar's animations from their desktop computer.


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