Domain Name

by - 8:40 AM

I bought a new domain name but still undecided about which hosting service to purchase. Aside from that, I am still thinking as to whether I need to set up a new blog or move all contents of this blog upon using my domain name. This blog is still PR0 but I think I got better linking already. I have been reading about hosting but still confuse. Ahay! I wish I'll learn how to do all these stuff using Wordpress but I really have no clue. Hehehe! Anybody willing to share their experiences here? maybe you can guide me what to do next. I know we can customize new domain here at blogger and I have tried setting it up but I guess I have to wait 48 hours before I can see my new site running, I already set up my DNS. All I have now is a domain name, no hosting service yet. I wonder how to set up the site, templates etc, if I purchase hosting somewhere.


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