canine celebrity awards

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I am excited upon learning about the Canine Celebrity Awards. Yes! you can enter your little superstar and you could win a trip to paradise, Hawaii. This is great! I am sure I'll join my Pekingese, Trixie to this contest. If you are interested too, submit a photo or video of your own Celebrity Dog and next year you could be watching in person from the red carpet. Nice!

We always see dogs being featured in movies, commercials and print ads since before Lassie was a puppy yet they normally don't receive the recognition they deserve. So, this is the time to give these bundle of joy the awards and recognition they too deserve. Happytails Canine Spa Line will fill this void by honoring the fluffy set with its Canine Celebrity Awards. There will be two categories: the Best in Show- Photo and Best in Show- Video but with three winners each whose owners will each receive a vacation package valued at over $1,000. This is so awesome.

One more great news, next year winners could be watching the Oscars in person from the red carpet in Hollywood…or Hawaii…the Virgin Islands or any one of 29 world-class destinations! Cool isn't it? So, c'mon let's enter our babies. I learned that Dog owners everywhere may begin to submit photos and videos of their own Canine Celebrity along with a short essay on why their dog deserves to win. Visit to enter and check their wonderful services, Spa, Grooming & Wellness Products too. They currently have a promotion where consumers can save 25% on the happytails Celebrity Dog pack. A collection of four all-natural products including Shimmering Mist, Sparkle & Shine Brightening Shampoo, Fur Breeze Aromatic Spa Mist and Dog Smog Remedy, a breath freshener and digestive solution. Just enter the promotion code HTCCA08 when you check out on

The winners will be announced at the Luxury Pet Pavilion in Los Angeles on Sunday February 24th (Oscar Day) by celebrity judge Lanease Adams, Hollywood actress and one of the bachelorettes on the first season of ABC's "the Bachelor"


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