Broke Modem

by - 8:04 AM

I am having a hard time with my internet connection now a days. Our internet cable modem broke. I have been using dial up connection for a week now. Thanks that Tom didn't disconnect our subscription when we started our Hughesnet Cable internet connection (almost a year now). He gambled to continue our dial up connection and continued paying monthly in case times like this happens. I was hesitant in his idea then. I didn't want to pay extra for that monthly dial up connection...but now I was so thankful for it. Hehehe!

My dial up connection is not working good either. It is really slow. Sometimes, I visit a website and downloading takes forever. It pisses me off, I had to leave the site. To my blogger friends, especially to those fellows who wants link exchange, I will make it up to you guys once this mess is fixed. I promise. I missed blog hopping and connecting with my friends.


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