Beware: Mad Wife

by - 10:18 AM

I have read about a TV personality in China that crashed a launch event for China's Olympic Channel so I look for a video at youtube. The said TV personality named Hu Ziwei had an outburst during got on the stage accusing her husband, the network's top sports anchor is having an affair. In the first video I found, I could not understand a word, she was saying. I don't understand Chinese language but it was clear in the video that she wasn't saying nice words because some men came close to her and were stopping her. Thanks to the member who uploaded this video below, I understood the story better. This video was the headline of CNN news.

We don't know if what she was saying is true or not, and it's really none of my business. This video showed what infidelity could do. So guys out there, beware of a mad wife! Any person could lose control and only lucky are the few people that can fake a smile and hold good posture in the midst of emotional disturbance. Sometimes it's good to be fake, you know it? even for just few hours especially if it could help your career and your reputation.


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