American Idol

by - 6:42 AM

I am excited for the returns of the hugely popular television show, American Idol. Premier for this season is tonight. This is one of the very few shows that I try not to miss every episodes, from audition to the final night. Few more days and the new season will start. I know the audition will be funny (as usual) seeing some people sing for the audition when they know in their heart that they really can't sing a tooth. I don't normally criticize people, it's just not me, but sometimes while watching the audition, I ask myself and my family, "Do this people really think they can sing?" It's fun though, it makes us laugh because some of them acts like clowns. That's entertainment! Some of them, I think just want that 5 minute tv attention. But who don't wanna be a star? Hehehe. Anyways, that makes the show funny and entertaining. Let's just see.


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