Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Back with my Candles

I am back! I have been very busy lately doing some important stuff and was crazy making candles. I enjoy making my own candles and adding my favorite oil scents.

This is eating a lot of my time but it is fun and relaxing for me. It is very easy to do. I follow a common process and always keep an eye on the temperature of my waxes. I also never leave my melting wax unattended.

Here are the first few candles I have made myself. The mixing of colors look ugly but I have to see it for myself because my curiosity was killing me. It is me doing crazy experiments with my candles. Anyways, I will be using this at home so it's not a waste. These guys smell really good.

I have a long way to go in terms of perfecting colors or maybe finding my favorite style/colors/ scented candles but it is a good start.

I have also made several gel candles and it's really great. I like making gel candles better because I can create different decorations in it. It is neat.

If you are interested in making candles, here are some helpful books for you:

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