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I always borrow books from our city library here and when I find some interesting ones, I buy a new copy at a bookstore or order some online. I have bought several books online, many times already and I never had any problems at all. This recent book that I ordered online surprised me. I was wondering what's inside that large envelop I got from USPS. When I opened it, I was laughing so hard. Man! the author wasn't kidding about her title. See how small it is? 'myspace

Lesson #1 Read the freaking description! It' s not that I am complaining about the content of the book. I like it. I was just very surprised how small it is. After I got the book, I went back to the website where I ordered it and read the book description. (Perti ka bright ba? ayha pa gibasa!) I was laughing at myself. I have no idea at all.myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Lesson #2 Focus your mind to what you are doing! I guess I was busy that day that I forgot to read the book description. I mean really! I think I just assumed that the size would be like the other books I previously ordered. That's not the normal me though, I always read the description of any item I'm getting online.

By the way it's not that my palm is big, there's no way that my palm could be much bigger. I'm 4'11 tall, I could be 5'2 or taller wearing the right pair of heels. I can wear high heels, maybe higher? bahala magtakiang oy! hehehe (joke!). It is a good book though. No complains about it, I was just surprised.


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