One day before Christmas

by - 10:25 AM

Yay! One more day before Christmas! I have all my stuffs ready. I mean gifts and other stuff. We will be visiting mom and dad and will be celebrating Christmas there along with my brother. Trixie, our cute baby is excited to see her boyfriend Tiny. Hehehe! Mom said she has a Christmas dress for Trixie. I'm excited to see her wear it too. I bought Trixie a santa hat that fits her good. I tried it once on her and she was kinda wondering what's on her head. She keeps on moving trying to get it off her so I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow on that dress. Hahaha!

The one one the left is my baby Trixie. The more black on her face. She's a Pekingese (their dog breed originally from Peking, China)and the one beside her, with white spots on his face is Tiny, a Japanese Chin. Tiny is mom and dad's baby.

This picture was taken during our family vacation to Florida. These two little are our bundle of joy. Trixie will be 3 years old come March and Tiny is much older than her.


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