new Miss Belgium

by - 6:19 AM

She is Alizee Poulicek, the new Miss Belgium. She's 20 years old. She was booed by some of the 4,000 audience when she admitted that she could not understand a question put to her in Dutch at the contest on Saturday night in the main Flemish city of Antwerp. What about me? I could not speak Dutch either. Are those people gonna boo me too? Hehehe. I'm just kidding! I know they don't care, I'm not representing their country. But golly! look at her, she's quite good looking and she speaks French, Czech and English so spare her for not being very good of the Dutch language yet. She said she had been taking Dutch lessons before the contest and has pledged to improve her standard in one of Belgium's three official languages, along with French and German. *photo credit :AFP


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