Naked men shopping caught on video

by - 10:26 PM

I was laughing when I saw this video in the news. Two naked men shop for skittles, and they were captured on store's surveillance video. Pause my blog's music background before playing the video. Music control is in the left sidebar.

What the hell were these guys thinking? Or were thinking at all? That feels cooler for a winter ain't it? . Good that they brought their wallets or I would have been wondering where they hid there debit cards or cash for that matter. This video will give some funny giggle to people who will buy Skittles and sodas at a gas station. The report said that the two guys on the video weren't drunk. Warm applause for their guts! I bet this was a fraternity prank/initiation. In another video by CNN, the clerk had enough sense to tell them, "you touch it, you buy it". That was when they were looking for a dough nut. They were just roaming around like normal shoppers. I guess the management just need to push through their thoughts of investing a new sign, "No shoes, no shirts, no service". myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics


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