My First Award

by - 6:02 PM

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have been blogging for more than a year now. It was just lately, (maybe a couple of months ago) that I started writing post more often and visiting other blogs. I am trying to take good care of my blog. I am also enjoying the fun of making friends, connecting and getting to know these wonderful people and make friends with them in a way that never could have happened in person or without blogging. I am sometimes bashful and don't open up so easy especially about my personal life but I am thankful to my new friends that appreciate my online existence.

I got my first award from Raquel. (Visit her pretty blog entitled Memories Frozen in Time). The meaning of this award are extremely cool, most excellent; and combination of bold and outrageous in a beautiful way; hot and very appealing to the eyes. Thanks Raq!

I'd like to give this award too to Edith, Sara and Butchay


  1. congratulation with your award :D

    thanks for visited my blog. see you around maybe...dag..

  2. i'm so...touched :')I got my second award in a space of few days. It's kind of a shock for me. Thank you so much!!! Ohhh :)
    Really, i'm touched :D
    Well, you seem and i think u are a very nice person, your blog its a great blog and congratulations for writing in it for more than one year.
    Have a good weekend. Kisses
    And thank you so much!!

  3. Thank you for posting an award for us i really appreciate it :) i didn't know that there's this award thing in here hehehhe and it so nice to get an award specially from you:) well chick thanks you so much....:)


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