Mobile Talk

by - 9:07 AM

Keeping in touch with friends and family around the world has never been easier and cheaper. Introducing! the awesome Packet8 MobileTalk™. It lets cell phone users reduce their international calling rates by as much as 90%--quickly and easily. No more special PIN codes to keep track of and no more long access numbers to dial. Just the highest quality digital voice service and great calling rates to any of your international locations— all for a low monthly access fee. Amazing isn't it?

I sometimes call my friends and family in the Philippines. The call rates are a little expensive but there's nothing I can do. I love to connect with them and learn how they are doing. To me, family and friends are very important and the least thing I can do, me being physically far from them is to get in touch with them through emails, online chatting or telephone calls. I am sure glad that I learned about Packet8 MobileTalk™. With MobileTalk, you’ll never run out of minutes or leave your international call quality up to chance. And, you can view your call history, and your MobileTalk savings, from anywhere in the world. This is really great. I have several friends and relatives not only in the Philippines but around the globe and reaching out to them, learning how they're doing and what they are up to is an awesome feeling. It makes my life complete. Watch the video below and don't forget to pause my music background before you click play. Music control is at the left sidebar.


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