Hybrid-Meta-Community/ Social Engine

by - 10:48 PM

Have you tried the first Search Engine that is a Hybrid-Meta-Community/ Social Engine already? With results now from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others,and less spam, EarthFrisk.Org can get even better. Already with less spam, the people can improve the already superior results by voting and commenting. This all translates into the new CV rating System ( Color Value) that is far more Democratic than Google's pagerank. Their unique technology enables to sift through the spam which is very helpful for everyone. I hate spams! Their toolbars available in Firefox and Internet Explorer. You will like this engine because bloggers can have a tool bar custom made with their logo on it as well for their readers, helping their own traffic. Nice isn't it? Visit their site and see About and How EarthFrisk works and tool bar page for lots of juice for posts. A true revolution in search has come!


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