by - 11:13 AM

I got so tired from all the works I had done. I wanted to write something but nothing comes to my mind. Before some blood drop from my dead brain, (hahaha), I stood up, checked my refrigerator. Stood there for few minutes and decided to get me a salad for myself. Fast and easy..hehehe. Leeches said, "hurryyyyyyyy..."

It's hard to think when you have a dead tired body and brain. Harder when you have a tired body and brain plus a hungry tummy. Now that's a killer there. Hungry tummy could make me crazy. hehehe (ok..ok..crazier!).Even if I'm already so darn tired, if my stomach is empty, I could never fall asleep. Even if I'll seal my peepers with glue. hahaha. Ok, see ya all later! Got to eat you know? LOL


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