glow in the dark cloned cats?

by - 9:31 PM

I took this picture when we had our vacation to Florida. The cat on the picture was a stray cat wandering around the front beach villas. She loves to stay in front of our door, facing the beach. Maybe she got a crush on our two little doggies...hehehe. Cute Kitty! Anyways, I read this news talking about South Korean scientists that cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene. The report said, it is a procedure which could help develop treatments for human genetic diseases. Sounds cool! According to, scientists made the cats glow by inserting the fluorescent gene into the skin cells of Turkish Angora cats and then transplanting the genetically modified nuclei into eggs. But wait! they said that South Korea's bio-engineering industry suffered worldwide embarrassment after it was revealed that Hwang Woo-Suk achievement have been faked. Reports aid that he published two papers based on faked data. (Yay!) and is now standing trial on charges of fraud and embezzlement. Hmm...if this is true, good for him! lock that son of a $%^&* (nah! I don't want to cuss...hehehe). Science don't need frauds . Researches are done to save lives and false results could ruin more researches and could create false theories. You can read more about this news at


  1. Are you against the use of animals in research?

  2. not really! I'm just against fraud results especially on researches like this that are supposedly done to save more lives.


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