Ginger Rogers Musical

by - 9:54 AM

I wish to watch Ginger Rogers Musical. I am sure this is wonderful show. Ginger Rogers - Dancing with the Stars for Real. She have already touched the lives of millions of average people that loves her by her charm and good qualities of character. Seeing her in a show would be so great as she could transport few hours into a world of fantasy and glamour, a time that's full of magic, fun dancing and singing—away. For those who doen't know her, Ginger Roger was in 77 films. She was kidnapped by her father as a baby, and then found by her mother. Married 5 times--never had a good husband; sadly never had children. She was a Christian Scientist in a time where Hollywood was all about the partying (yes). She was literally forbidden to kiss Fred Astaire by contract (Astaire's wife wrote it into the contract because she was jealous)...that's how the famous song "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" came about. Interesting!

Her Musical Debuts worldwide is in Ginger's home city of Rancho Mirage in Feb '08 and then in North Hollywood April '08. Watch for it!


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