a friend

by - 10:09 AM

I woke up late today, slept late last night because we arrived late at home from the party and I woke up late this morning. I checked my email and seen that I have few calls from Jaxter site. I noticed that my friend whom I connected through Friendster tried calling me. So, I grabbed my cell phone and called her. I am actually very happy to hear from her. It's nice to chat with a long lost friend and felt like it was just yesterday that you two hang out together and enjoyed each others company. We were classmates on our first year of high school and I still remember our fun times together. Those silly and funny stuffs that we've done. We were 13 years old then. We separated ways when were on our second year till our last year in high school. I was moved into different class, but we still see each other. Though, we weren't that close anymore, I have always valued the friendships and the times we spent. Friendships that are built with very good foundation will always be there even if you don't see each other often. It was wonderful hearing stuff about her and her family. I sure missed our fun times. Although we chat online, I am hoping to see her in person again. Maybe someday.


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