Filipino-American Party

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Here are some pictures I took during Filipino and Filipino-American party at Columbus Georgia. I meet several hard working and wonderful people there and I enjoyed the event and the Filipino foods that were served.

Santa on stage ready for the picture taking,
the kids were in line,
excited to pose with him.

He was singing Holy night. The kid's voice was so beautiful.
Listening to him singing was like hearing an angel sing.

Pretty and sexy Filipina dancing "Sway"
Yeahhhh..they're good dancers!

Everyone was singing Filipino Christmas songs.

It was fun.

picturing The Holy family

This fashion show was Hilarious.
The guys done a great job!

For few hours, I thought I was in the Philippines. I missed the Philippines more when we started singing Filipino Christmas songs. The organizers gave each one a copy of Filipino songs and Tom and was having a hard time pronouncing it. We were already in the chorus part and he's still on the first stanza with his tongue twisted. He was laughing especially after singing and when David, my friend's husband, (also American) told him, that after their 15 years of marriage and one son, he still can't figure out many Filipino words Sara, his wife, uses.

The warm Filipino atmosphere, the sincerity of every smile, the fun celebrations, the sharing of friendships, the delicious foods served and the cozy and loving presence of every Filipinos along with their equally sincere and warm American love ones and friends, and maybe loving special ones from other ethnicity made the event successful and worth remembering.



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