Declutter your space

by - 7:53 AM

Some people hang on to stuffs even though they don't use it anymore. Some people does it because of the sentimental value or the memory attach to stuffs. It isn't really a problem. In fact, I find it good to value our stuffs even the old ones. Any owner deserves his stuff and can do anything about it. As long as they are organize and neat, no problem.
It only becomes a problem when the stuffs becomes a mess or a clutter in space.

I attached this picture which I meant to be a Pack Rat. In English, pack rat is a term used as slang to refer to a person who collects miscellaneous items and has trouble getting rid of them (a compulsive hoarder).

Clutter leads to disorganization, messiness and a frazzled mind. It causes stress and sometimes depression especially when you're facing a mount everest pile of disorganize stuffs everyday. Cleaning clutter clears a pathway to personal well-being. Sort your stuff and stash it! Free yourself from clutter.


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