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My heart goes out to the victims families of The Westroads Mall shooting, yesterday (December 5, 2007) at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The gunman was identified as Robert A. Hawkins, 19 years old, stated in his suicide note that he wanted to "go out in style." My God! why did he thought that murder-suicide is a style? He killed innocent people. The owner of the house in which Hawkins lived, described him as "troubled". Apparently, it is true. So sad. It was considered the deadliest shooting spree in the state of Nebraska since a rampage by Charles Starkweather in 1958.

My sincerest condolences...


  1. I feel sorry to all the victims and their families! thats so sad especially Christmas is just around the corner! =(

  2. So sorry about the victims.

    Comment from Johnny


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