Columbus Party

by - 10:59 AM

It's Christmas Holiday and I'm not busy today. I am actually just laying here in my bed. It is raining outside. The sound of the rain is making me sleepy. I took my laptop and thought of posting some pictures that I wasn't able to post earlier last week or maybe months. Before the new year starts, I will be cleaning my desktop PC and will be deleting bunch of pictures and other files in there. I will also have to clean up my laptop as it is starting to keep some trash pictures. Hahaha. I love taking pictures but I hate that I don't have enough time to post it in my blog or even print it for my album. I just normally save the pictures in a disk and forgets them. I am not complaining that I am busy though, sometimes I just wish I have more time to relax a little bit and enjoy. The pictures below were taken during Columbus Consolidated Government party.

Everybody was having a great time and were enjoying the dance floor. I love dancing. I wish I took pictures of the many foods, drinks and other friends but I actually forgot about it. I was busy chatting with my friends and was busy eating. Hehe!


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