Christmas Eve Bride

by - 9:46 AM

Would you want to be a Christmas Eve Bride? I am wondering how it feels to be one. I was reading the news and I find this one so romantic and inspirational.

Twice in Ruth Southey life, 85, she was surprised with a wedding ceremony on Christmas Eve, both times to the same man, Francis Southey. The couple renewed their vows in their 65th anniversary, in front of three generations of teary-eyed family and friends.

Awesome isn't it? 65th wedding anniversary is a wow! I would be so proud if my parents reach 65th anniversary. Mom and dad is only in their 33rd anniversary. I wish my parents will reach 65th or more and I wish I'd be able to reach that one too or maybe surpass it. Yay! I'm wishing. But there's nothing wrong in dreaming right? Hehehe!


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