Camera Shy!

by - 7:51 AM

Christmas celebration was fun. Not as fun as the celebration in the Philippines though, but I think it's alright. We ate dinner together. I love the food! mom is a greatcook so I always enjoy eating in their house..hehehe. We talked a lot on what's going on in each others life and work and exchange gifts. That's about it. I miss the Philippine celebration where you hear fireworks, hear the neighbors sound system and shouts and the more fun.... but what can I do? (*sigh). Life here is pretty work work...

Mom and Dad
(sneaky me stole a shot..sshhhh...
they're both camera shy..LOL)

mom giving cookies to Tiny and Trixie

the gifts

Where am I? I was the one taking pictures and Tom? nah! you can forget about him. He's a camera shy, i don't know why. Brother was busy chatting with his girlfriend in the other table. We have few pictures together, I mean, us all, but I'd rather not post it here knowing they're all camera, why am I always the one holding the camera? I guess that's what happen when someone's being lazy and did not bring the tripod. You know who's that someone right? Shoot! just say yes...hahaha.


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