After Christmas

by - 6:47 PM

We had our Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations down today. I love decorations but taking them down and arranging them back for storage is much more tiring than putting them up for display. Did I mention heavy too? ARg! This job is a pain in the butt! One thing I noticed, they're getting merrier each year. It's my fault though, I have to stop myself from buying after Christmas decoration sales. Sometimes I can't help it. Malls are giving great deals. Many of them have stuffs sale for 60% to 75% off the price. Huh! can't beat that. Like earlier today, I done bought some Christmas figurines, Santas and snowmen. I always tell myself not to buy anymore stuffs but when I saw them, they were so pretty and cheap, I thought I got to have them. Hehehe! I love pretty yet cheap stuffs. These decors don't spoil anyway. They just have to stay in the storage boxes for a year. LOL! Anyways, it's all done and they'll be kept in the storage room for another year.


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