Thank You...Thank You..Thank You!

by - 5:41 PM

It's turkey time! I love Thanksgiving Day! Although, I try to be positive and give thanks for all the blessings I receive, everyday of my life, I like Thanksgiving day because it is a fun time of the year aside from Christmas of course. We rest from our busy work schedules and just have fun, have plenty of time with the family and enjoy a good sit down meal and when I say meal, its ahhhh! foooooood. Lots of food on the table and Holy Moly! I love yummy foods. My mom is a great cook that's why I especially look forward to special occasion like this. Thanksgiving is about family and food. Giving thanks for every blessings and for every love we received from people around us and from those that we love the most.


  1. thats right dearest..we have to be thankful do all our blessings big or small, and most of all the blessing of life..Happy Thanksgiving!!!Take care..

  2. That must be a beautiful day,but, unfortunatly, in Portugal we don't have or celebrate that day.
    Though the year should have more days like that.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Keep up with the good work! kisses


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