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by - 5:53 PM

Most of the time, I borrow books from library and if I find some, that I really really like, then I buy it at any bookstore or order it online.

We were on our way to the library this morning. I wasn't driving, I am at the passengers side and was reading the book Everyday Greatness. It is packed with a wealth of wisdom from the pages of Reader's Digest, Everyday Greatness compiled by David K. Hatch. It's a great book, I love reading it.

When I read books, most of the time I encounter words that I don't understand. That's why I love to read because I learn new stuff, new informations, new words. (At least I think I learn! hahaha). Times like that, me being away from computer or dictionary, and the person I asked about certain words or information don't know the either, bugged me. If I was at home, it could have been easier for me to check it out in my computer or in my dictionary. I don't usually bring my Laptop either, unless we go for a long travel so after we left the library, I bought me an electronic dictionary that I could carry everywhere I go. I didn't get the top of the line. I just got me a not so expensive one yet serves the purpose.

It's a dictionary, thesaurus, abbreviation dictionary, multi language translator, has few brain games, spell checker, calculator, calorie & carbohydrate listings, weights and measures conversion, world airport codes, world capitals, directory of toll free numbers and I can store phone directory too. I think I got a great deal of this electronic dictionary that I got. Along with the dictionary, I got a bonus CD of Encyclopedia Britannica. Not bad at all for the price I paid.

I love to read and I don't like the feeling when I encounter words that I don't understand. I hope this one will help me a lot. I think it will. I think I got a good company now .


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