Candles Burning!

by - 4:21 PM

I made me some scented candles today. The ones I made lately are red and green for the holiday season. I usually make scented pillar candles, votive candles, chunk candles and jar candles. We purchase some stick candles at our local store here, since I have not tried making that kind yet and we needed some to use inside the house. Other sizes of candles, I made myself. I used cinnamon scents in those candles to get along with the cinnamon scents we use in the house. Sometimes I make candles in vanilla and roses scent, sometimes different depending on my mood and in different colors and sizes too. Sometimes I get lazy and burned out, I forget about it. But since Christmas is fast approaching, I made me red and green candles too to match the decorations inside the house.


  1. francel8:05 AM

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