Yoga Time!

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I am trying Yoga. Yoga is intended to help quiet the mind, relieve stress and keep the body balanced and fit. It is based on ancient meditative and breathing practices. It is an intellectual and introspective practice to connect with the inner Divine Self. I read an article about yoga and yoga specialist Kristin McGee, star of four MTV mind-and-body videos including MTV Power Yoga, said that Yoga has many body-firming benefits as well. "One big focus of any yoga practice should be finding and strengthening the core muscles of your abdomen and lower back," she explains. "Good posture, stability, ease of movement ‑- all these originate from the body's center." Hmmm...sounds great for me.

I have been doing Tae Bo for a while now to stay fit. It is actually working for me and even though I'm lazy at times and eat a lot of food, I don't really gain weight that much. I just thought maybe it's time for me to try Yoga as I really need to reduce stress, relieve muscle pains and tensions from all daily activities. It's time to relax and firm up at the same time.

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