Sparks of Jeff Dunham's Insanity

by - 8:23 AM

I am an avid fan of comedy movies, jokes and other fun stuff. I love stand up comedians and I enjoy watching their shows. My favorite stand up comedian is Larry D' Cable guy. I have a copy of his DVD, Git-R Done. He's very funny. Now, I am very interested also with Jeff Dunham's shows. After I saw that Comedy Central episode, I search his name online and learned that Jeff Dunham is is an award winning ventriloquist and a stand-up comedian. A ventriloquist is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) manipulates his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere. His usual puppets include a woozle named Peanut, a bitter old man named Walter, and José Jalapeño - a talking jalapeño pepper on a stick. In his second DVD, he added a new super hero guy, Melvin and Achmed, the dead terrorist. I love all his puppet's character. I got to have a copy of my own, I ordered online 10 days ago and I got my DVD copies today. Awesome!

It's a funny show. You'll love it. I have watched Sparks of Insanity for I think four times now and I'm still laughing hard! and they're not that expensive.

Watch these videos. These are the three characters I love the most.

Jeff Dunham & Achmed
(a clip from Sparks of Insanity DVD)

Jeff with Peanut & Walter
(this must be from his not so old show)

He's great isn't he? It's all him. I love the different characters. Hilarious. Did you noticed how fast are their conversations? I am still wondering how he does that. Speak so fast in different voices and it's hard to tell that he's the one speaking. I wish I can do that too. Hahaha!


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