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by - 8:06 AM

I have been reading some other blogs lately and learned from other bloggers about Smorty. I checked it out and saw that registration is free so I joined too and tried it too. I thought, I would not lose anything. I won't be spending a penny and if they really pay, that would be so cool. Not only will I enjoy blogging, I will be earning too. That's a bonus! (Hehehe)

The site I mentioned above is a get paid to blog company.Once your blog is registered and accepted, they have lists of advertiser offers for you. You either accept or reject it, it's up to you. If you decide to accept it, as a blogger, you can write your opinion posts about the advertisers site. It's not necessarily an advertise post but your opinion towards the advertisers website or their services. You use some key words with links back to their website. That easy! As I have said, I joined a while ago and had some offers for my other blog, I tried some offers and guess what? I earned money. Ain't that cool? They pay through PayPal. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can sign up for a Paypal account for free too.

I hope you will check them out. You might wanna try it too. Earn from writing your opinions and thank me later. 'myspace If you don't like the idea of having to write like this, that's alright. Don't call me crazy. We all have our choice and opinions, right?

If you're not a blogger but an Advertiser, you might want to check the site too because you can create your advertising campaign there where you can advertise on blogs. They can surely help you boost your search engine rankings and bring good traffic to your website.


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