To travel

by - 10:28 PM

When money is not a problem, I would like to travel around into another country with my family and have fun. When I think of traveling, I always think of Europe. Who doesn't? I know its beautiful there. I checked this website, I'd like to travel to Germany and Austria. I want to see the fairytale castles in Germany and elegant cities, including the hip and stylish capital city of Berlin and I wish to join the world-famous Oktoberfest. I know staying there is not a problem because there are plenty cheap Hotels in Berlin. Then My family and I could experience this warm hospitality, music and of course beer at this spectacular event, enjoy the beautiful and historic country in all its splendor.

Austria is a great place to visit too. I love cooking and Vienna, Austria makes great tasting wine. The taste great wines helps make a great cuisine for our meals. I would love to take a tour of Austrian Wine Country and have that chance to taste wines from several wine regions of Austria such as the hills surrounding Vienna and Vienna itself (the only capital in Europe that has vineyards within its city limits!), the Burgenland (most Eastern province) and the Danube River Valley (Wachau) and the Kamp River Valley.. Ah! that would be awesome. Don't you think? I don't think the place to stay would be a problem too because there are also cheap Hotels in Vienna.

Traveling is fun. The excitement of seeing a new place, and learning about a new culture is great. Now with, we can have all the comforts from home, with cheaper hotel expense it. Great isn't it?


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